Instagraph: A 3rd party Instagram app for windows phone that can post pictures

Wpcentral Got their hands on an application which most likely will come to windows phone (if it passes certification) that will allow people to post pictures to instagram. It is another 3rd party app like Instacam and WPgram, but those do not have the ability to post pictures, and many people hate the fact they cant do so.

Instagraph is made by venetasoft (makers of Turbo Camera) and are Using a Windows Azure server to access the API for posting pictures. It is a pretty neat feature, though it isn't actually instagram, but could be good for now while people wait for the real deal, Just wanted to let you know, the link above, has everything you need to know with a couple of videos.

Wmpoweruser also posted a video of a walkthrough (which is in the wpcentral link) and their outlook on the app as well. Just wanted to let you guys know! Hope it comes out soon, and could be useful to people who do want to post photos.

Let me know what you guys think! Will you actually be using this app? Have a nice day!

P.s I hope you guys saw the Possible render leak of a Green Lumia 920.