Back in the market

My Galaxy Tab 8.9 has been getting a little long in the tooth for a while now - it's slow as crap running any JB ROM you care to mention - and as of yesterday is stuck rebooting itself until the battery runs flat. I'm guessing the flash storage is screwed.

I'm looking around to replace it. I've got a relatively open mind on Windows 8 or RT if there's something that meets my needs (definitely under £400, for example), but I'm pretty sure I'll be staying with Android because all my stuff is there.

I feel like I've been spoiled by 8.9 though - the size is perfect for me. I mainly use my tablet for reading, and the size is perfect for one handed portrait use. I had a play with a Nexus 7 and in the age of 5in+ phones a 7in tablet just feels too small. I haven't been able to see a Nexus 10 in real life but it looks like the extra screen size and weight would annoy me.

Is it worth getting a Kindle Fire 8.9 and rooting it? Or should I just accept the size tradeoff and get a Nexus?

Nexus 7 pro: coat pocketable, so I can use the likes of PocketCasts on that and save phone battery and storage. Con: Screen feels too small, not a big fan of the relatively giant bezel.

Nexus 10 pro: dat screen. Con: Definitely not pocketable.

Kindle Fire 8.9 pro: screen size. Con: Amazon.

Someone help!