Chrome's Fuzzy Text - A feature or a mess!

I'm posting this is hear as I need support from fellow Chrome users, I ask you to star this bug and help it get fixed:

Before the bug gets marked as duplicate or just get shot down but I think we can rally enough stars, we can get it fixed.

A bit of background on this:

Somewhere during the v22, someone in Chrome team thought it would be way way cooler to have fuzzy text, it was explained to us that text prior to this change was rendered incorrectly and somehow we are better off now.

I did file my own bug and was "proudly" told that "Basically, we're doing a better job of blitting the text and look more like the system on Windows now". I was also told to look at the another similar bug reported for similar issue on Mac. What followed was absolute ridiculous tech filled "reasoning" about color shifting and pixel rendering that again proved that Chromium team indeed had got the font rendering correct and our monitors might be messed up (or our eyes might be messed up).

The issue is filled up with people repeatedly complaining and Chromium team repeatedly saying this is the only way we can do it unless we write a new "font spec", to that I thought "No biggie, lets live with it" but to my shocker when I saw Firefox 20 land with exactly similar rendering (if not better) than IE 10.

So, I'm to believe somehow Firefox have magically fixed their font rendering between v19 to v20 where as Chromium teams keeps telling us since v22 that this is the best way we look at font on Windows? I've attached a snap, 10 bucks to the one who guesses which of the top two images is IE and Firefox. The bottom one is Chrome! You might need to open the image to get a better view.

PS: I know this seems like a rant but this is just pure frustration that a "feature" this is absolutely load of bs! I'm a developer myself and understand when something is done because it might be "right" but doesn't mean it's the "best". I love Chrome and love the people who work on this project!