USPTO invalidates Apple's '381 patent

I'm kinda wondering where The Verge is on this bit of news that came out yesterday. I haven't seen it anywhere that I can find so far.

CNET is reporting that the USPTO invalidated Apple's '381 patent (bounce back scrolling amongst other things). At first I thought that maybe it was some april fool's joke or something but the document is there in the page, located here. The document is the one filed with the court by Samsung stating that the USPTO made such a judgement. The document indicates that the USPTO publication is attached but of course is not actually included on that CNET page. I did go into the USPTO's PAIR system to attempt to find it but was unsuccessful.

From what I understand the '381 patent was a very significant part of the win against Samsung a few months ago. Other than a further reduction in damages that Samsung has to pay I wonder what other effects this will have on the case.