Andriod will beat Windows in consumer space one day!

With Intel now going with Android for its upcoming Bay Trail tablets & convertible notebooks (Link) with a awesome price range - $200, Windows has very small space to move ahead and beat this price point.

Android being open source (Free or less expensive than windows even after patent fee) is used and backed by many big as well as small OEMs and now with the Intel optimized Bay Trail processors things looking very good for Android. There are already thousands of Android devices available in the market for every price point and I will not be surprised to see Dell, Lenovo, HP, Acer, Asus & Toshiba launching Bay Trail tablets & convertible notebooks this year with Android before the Windows release at a better price range.

The desktop market which is dominated by Windows will slowly fade one day if more and more software and hardware replacement will arise in the android territory. I understand that there is no photoshop, CAD, Office etc.. replacement available for Andriod today but considering the huge momentum with Android these replacements will start to appear very soon.

If Google managed to pull a perfect integration of Chrome Desktop + Android (or Add Desktop Features to Android this year) then starting with Intel's Bay Trail tablets & convertible notebooks a new desktop ecosystem will arise. Android with the Intel power will certainly give birth to powerful desktop apps for android and considering the similar flexibility it provides like Windows, enterprise adoption will also appear after several years ahead.

Microsoft on the other hand seems busy to fix the mistakes it made with windows 8. The upcoming Blue update should have been what Windows 8 is today. (a good read here). To be honest this is nothing new, we have seen something similar with:

1. Windows Vista --> Windows 7

2. Hotmail -->

3. Windows Mobile -->Windows Phone 7 -->Windows phone 8

4. Microsoft Adcenter -->Bing Ads

5. MSN -->Bing

6. Internet Explorer 6,7,8 --> IE 9/10


Just for an example, Windows Mobile had a lot of enterprise features all removed in Windows Phone 7 and now Microsoft is again working hard to add it in Windows Phone 8>8.5. Same happening with Start button and Boot to Desktop.

This post is a just speculation considering the current market trends and rumors. Please forgive my grammar mistakes if any (I am not a native English speaker).

I would request all to please provide your thoughts.