Start Menu is more important than Start Button -- A better DeskTop experience for Win8

Start Menu improves the desktop work flow which Start screen disrupted. I hope Blue will bring back Star Menu which is more important than the little Start Button.

It will be a waste of update cycle if they just bring back Start Button and not the Start Menu.

Dear Tribes member, what's your view?




{Added on 25 Apr 2013} Desktop is like a Canvas or a work bench. The full start screen dispute the chain/flow of thoughts. I doubt artist will want their palette or brush box to take over their entire canvas when they like to choose another colour / brush..

Some other Examples, pinning some frequent used folders on the Start Menu for quick access some info, while studying/working on the current task. Re-starting work from recent item.

Noted that upcoming blue search will improve the situation a bit. Current Win+X enables us to access control panel ... Contextual menu in Note MX does not take over the full screen