It’s Time to Kill the ‘Apple Doesn’t Innovate’ Argument'

I'm not a huge Mike Elgan fan but he nails it in this article.

It's not that Apple isn't innovative, it's that they choose not to just throw things at the wall and see what sticks. You can disagree with some of the decisions they make but that doesn't equate to them not being innovative. I'm sure Apple could easily make a 5 inch phone with NFC if they wanted to. Or a touchscreen MacBook or iMac. Heck they probably have them somewhere sitting in Ive's design lab. The difference with Apple is they're very disciplined in the products they release. They're not going to release something unless they think it will sell well to a broad range of consumers and make them money. And then they'll continuously refine the products they do sell to make them better and better. They don't design products for niche markets or a small subset of geeks. And they don't release things just because they can. Some people might not like this approach, and it may turn out that Apple has made some bad bets (like if touch screen PC's start becoming popular), but it has nothing to do with lack of innovation.