It's perfect....nearly

Got my chromebook today. Samsung series, couldn't be happier. It runs smooth and everything is wonderful, even the plastic build feels nice to me.

As I examined it more and more though I found some hardware issue.

1) My SD card slot has trouble closing ass of the way.

2) The bezel around my screen ticks as if it isn't secured quite right. (Not a real issue as I don't tap the bezel....ever)

3) When closed it doesn't lay flat, as if the screen or keyboard area had a brick in the middle for an hour our so while suspended. It bows.

4) Most importantly, The right bottom of the trackpad isn't flush. I didn't notice it before as if it weren't there, but it is distinct now and freaking me out a bit. It seems like it ALSO may have something to do with "bowing"

Has anyone else had any of these issues? How did you fix them? I can't really send it back as it was a gift, I'd feel terrible handing it back to the giver and saying "Return it please, it's no good".

Thanks in advance.