Moving from Android to iOS

So I've been with Android for about 3 years now. All has been well and I have no qualms with the OS. I use an S3 as my phone and a Nexus 7 for tablet duties.

However I'm getting a bit bored. There's no Android hardware that I like - S4 is S3 with bells, HTC One is nice but nothing special and N4 is cool but the camera blows goats.

I went to check out my favourite DJs set the other day and frustratingly found out it was iTunes only. I downloaded a podcast app and it needed the name and url of the podcast as mandatory fields. At that point I felt hard done by as an Android user.

So then I got this crazy idea- how about an iPhone 5? It has all the essentials - storage, decent camera and speed.

I had an iPhone 4 and S1 3 years back- the S1 came out on top because I could use it as a hotspot and could watch YT videos in HD over a cellular connection - I'm assuming both of these can be done with iPhones now.

My main usage is FB, WhatsApp, Twitter and Soundcloud. It really helps that Chrome, Gmail and Maps are as good, if not better on iOS as they are on Android - I use them all a lot.

So my question is - If I went over to iOS, what would I miss from Android?