Windows 8 was not built for you

There are currently multiple post on this forum about Microsoft and their start button in regards to windows 8. Posts like:

"Start Menu is more important than Start Button -- A better DeskTop experience..."

"Microsoft didn't make good case for Metro UI on Windows 8"

All I have to say is "You all do not get it!"

Windows 8 is not for you. Microsoft did not build windows 8 to make your life easier. You are not the target market and you never will be. People that say things like:

"There are countless examples of desktop apps performing faster and more feature rich when compared to their Metro counterparts."


"Metro Apps suck because they do not have XX Feature and I need that"


"Start Menu improves the desktop work flow which Start screen disrupted"

(This is my least favorite sentence ever said about Windows 8, If you cannot deal with the start screen then get some serious help, seriously go see a doctor because if your brain is having problems keeping up with changes on a screen from a button you pushed and you knew what was going to happen, you may have Multiple Sclerosis.)

Every Time I hear one of these arguments I literally scream in my head "WINDOWS 8 WAS NOT BUILT FOR YOU." You do not matter because your demographic that need some niche feature or to have 25 windows/tabs open or having the inability to focus if something takes over your screen is not the future. You literally do not matter. The world has spoken and they say one program at a time is what we want.

How about instead of bitching at Microsoft go and blame the people who are at fault for ruining your multi-tasking OS. Go and blame iOS and Android. They are the ones who made Microsoft shift its focus. Windows 8 is currently the most complete OS ever and all people do is bash it. Just be glad Microsoft kept the desktop and the ability to split screen apps. So go write your angry start button e-mails to Google and Apple and let Microsoft get Windows 9 out the door.

(Just so the people that wrote those other posts know I am only picking on you because you were on the front page, I do not have anything against you personally.)