The problems with game availability on Windows Phone

WPCentral has an excellent series of articles on the problems with bringing games onto Windows Phone. The article on the problems and bureaucracy of the Xbox Live Certification process really struck me. Why is this not being fixed? Clearly its a big hindrance. Are the people sitting on top of these decisions really so cut off from reality? They know the importance of developers so why are they not moving to make this process lean and hassle free. Xbox Live integration with major games is a really good thing. I was puzzled at first seeing Angry Birds Star Wars and Amazing Alex arrive without Live integration, now I get it.

Another good point raised in the articles is the lack of game engines. While Unity was recently announced, Unreal engine is still not available. These things are taking too long. Of late there have been a slew of good games coming onto WP, but that is despite these unnecessary problems. I can see it becoming so much better if some of these hassles mentioned in these articles are removed and they are very much doable.

Someone should tweet this to Joe Belfiore and get his reaction. What do you guys think of the problems mentioned in the articles?