Windows Phone Notifications Hub

Windows Phone is great. It is one of the best smart phones in the market or at least to some what extent. There are many unique features that make Windows Phone "Unique Smart Phone" like Live Tiles, Peoples hub; Integrated Bing services Like Local Scout, Maps, Music Search and mostly a beautiful user interface that can be easily customized. It also has one of "The Best Keypad" compared to any other smart phone, which makes typing easy and with word suggestions very fast.

There are also some of the features missing from Windows Phone that are already present in other phones and most of the people are used to. One of the features that are missing from Windows Phone is a Notifications Center, which many of the users look forward when they want to try a phone. I know windows phone has replaced this concept with live tiles feature, which is of course awesome. But it makes it very difficult to track the missed notifications just by seeing the count on a tile and then view them individually after launching the app by clicking the tile(s). Notifications is a great way to show what users have missed when they aren’t on the phone, which also provides a preview kind of a thing with images and descriptive text or message. Most of the smart phone users are already used to this type of interface. Even though Toast notifications are not that much creative or user friendly compared to other type of notifications available on iOS or Andriod. But Microsoft seem to provide a standard type of notification on Windows 8 operating system which basically has a picture tile, notification title, text and also a logo of the app. So I was just wondering how about bringing this Live Notifications to Windows Phone and make a Notifications hub both on Start Screen and Lock Screen.

Basically notifications are supposed to be launched when user pulls from top to bottom on start screen, which brings them forefront. And when a user clicks on any notification tile, it should launch the app and direct to story page. Sweeping them should be as easy, just as other phones to drag left or right. Please note that I am not a good designer and I don’t have any tools to design my own pictures. So I just collected pictures from internet and joined them to make this concept. And yes the lock screen notifications might look more like "Facebook Home" screens.

Please let me know what you think about it.