What are some of the best apps you've EVER seen/used on OSX & iOS?

These can be just incredibly useful and/or brilliantly designed and gorgeous apps that aren't found anywhere else but OSX or iOS.

I actually have a pretty long list of them, but I'll start off with these three that blew my mind when I started using them.

  • Paper by FiftyThree (iOS) - Simply gorgeous, incredibly fluid inking engine and UI
  • Reflector app (OSX) - Effortlessly Airplay your iOS screen to OSX with minimal lag and recording options. You will not find an easier way to do this anywhere else.
  • VSCO Cam (iOS) - Excellent UI and their filters are the best I've seen on the platform

Though I still like other OSes, it's software like these that make OSX and iOS the best platforms I've ever had the pleasure to use. Share yours!