HTC One or Samsung Galaxy S4 what should I pick

I've been torn between these two phones lately. I'm coming from an iPhone 5 and planning to switch to Android in the next month or so.

I've read everything about the HTC one, galaxy S4, xperia z, etc and I'm decided to pick between the first two.

From what I've seen, the HTC looks better, is fast, has a nice screen, etc. Most of the reviews say bad things about the camera and looks like the battery life is not that good. That last thing matters, being a reason while I'm ditching the iPhone. The Samsung seems to be better overall but I'm not really fond of all those gestures and stuff.

Anyway, I've found two good comparisons between these two, this one (seems unbiased) and this one, a bit biased towards the samsung imho. But I'm looking for other opinions, links, etc. So, as an iPhone user that cares a lot about snappiness, screen quality and battery life, what should I choose between these two? Or are there any better options? Any help is appreciated.