I'm convinced, these Reps are mindless

So, I am buying the HTC ONE Friday or Saturday this upcoming week, finally getting rid of this GS3. I called Tmo just to straighten out a few things and the rep on the phone acted like he was either completely mindless or under some sort of mind control.

Q: Is the phone $99 + tax of contract with the uncarrier plan?

A: I don't know we don't have it in stock until the 24th so I have not see the price tags. Check the web site.

I just said "Bye" - He knew he was being a completely jerk so he tried to end the conversation a little bit warmer at that point he had already pissed me off with his ignorance.

WHY do these reps act like they don't know a thing??? That can't be true, I'm sure they read the internet. How do you not know what the CEO of your company announced??

-Lastly don't be rude to someone who is giving you business. Talking to him put some perceptive on my work actually. I'll keep that in mind next time a guest calls my hotel property and I have to deal with their horror story.