Frustrated!! Who else screwed up a launch besides HTC?

HTC is really killing me. I've never wanted a device more than I want the ONE. After dealing with the mindless T-Mobile reps I find out that I can't get the phone early, like I could have if I was signing a new contract with ATT. (I already have them. . . Expensive for no reason).

Now after calling another T-Mobile to try my luck elsewhere he informs me that they won't have it at all. Only selected retails stores. At least he was honest, he said "Limited Stock" and sounded very sadden about it. He also gave me a list of locations that would have it (Without me asking). Great customer service.

I can't remember the last time a launch was this messed up besides for Google's Nexus 4. Which launch was worse?? As if upgrading on Android was not hard enough now we can't even launch phones correctly? ? ?

Chou. . . it's time you retire. Bye.