Facebook Chat/Messager problem.

Ok, so here is my problem. My dad uses Facebook Messenger to chat to friends and family. When he does so he likes to use emoticons. A little while ago however, the smiley face icon in his chat box is now replaced with a camera icon that when clicked gives him a attachment window for photos of the like instead of a list of emoticons to use.


Here you can see the picture of his view when he is chatting, there's that small camera instead of the Smiley. How did that get there and how can we rid him of it?


Here you can see what i and what i believe most everyone else sees on Facebook when chatting. I have the usual Smiley face button for the emoticons.

I know is a small problem but my dad like to use them when he can, who doesn't love emoticons? Anyone have any help to offer would be greatly appreciated.