Early last week I got an unusual email from Vizio CTO Matt McRae. "Want to put a Verge logo on a race car?" he asked. Turns out Vizio and Hulu Plus had teamed up to sponsor a TRG-Aston Martin Racing Vantage GT4 in the Pirelli World Challenge, and they had some space left on the car. I ran across the office to talk to our advertising and marketing people into paying for it, and now here we are — that's our car, the #26 Vantage GT4, driven by Damien Faulkner.

This is TRG-AMR's first entry into the Pirelli World Challenge, and the car's first race is today at 7:30PM ET on the streets of Long Beach — you can watch a live stream here on the World Challenge site, or you can watch it May 5th on NBC Sports at 2PM ET. And you can wish Damien good luck on Twitter, he's @DamienFaulkner — he was hanging out with Google X's Jeff Huber the other day and tweeted a photo of himself wearing Glass. So yeah, he's our guy.

We'll obviously be cheering on #26 for the rest of the season, and we'll see if Damien agrees to wear Glass for a race sometime. Happy racing!