Retina Macbook Pro 13inch 2nd gen

First post. I suck at summarizing things, but I'll try.

I'm looking to replace my laptop in the near future with a rMBP 13in. I'm going to be a grad student next year, and I'm starting to need my laptop more and more. To give you more background, I'm a mechanical engineer with heavy focus around industrial design. In other words, I use a lot of solidworks, AutoCAD and Matlab.

Disclaimer: I realize that for my major I would pretty much be better off sticking with a PC rather than a Mac (as most of my programs require windows) but macs seem to be offer the least amount of sacrifices in general when looking at the whole, in my opinion anyways. Plus, I have some "mac-only" hardware that I don't want to get rid of now (mainly a thunderbolt - 3TB harddrive - displayport 120Hz monitor setup).

Anyways, I live off campus (pretty far away) and I really try to cut my trips down to the minimum possible: in other words when I go to campus I stay, and if I leave I don't come back. That usually results in carrying many tools/books/devices etc everywhere and every pound counts. I want to bring my laptop on campus since a large amount of my work is based on it, but adding a 15in large metal laptop to the mix isn't always ideal. Also, campus computers aren't ideal for multiple reasons which I won't go into here.

Last thing: my current computer is a 15in Early 2011 MBP (2.0 gHz) with Ram upgraded to 16GB and a 256GB Samsung 830 SSD. 256 or above is necessary to hold both windows and OSX. 16GB might be a bit overkill, but I definitely need at least 8GB. I run parallels, so the ram goes quickly. From what I've seen, the graphics performance of my current card is actually lower than the integrated graphics 4000 that all major intel chips use.

The rMBP 13 seems to be the most portable, well built laptop with a (very) nice screen, good battery life and a respectable processor for more than just browsing the internet and word processing. But from what I've seen in reviews, the current processor/graphics card in it can barely handle the resolution and standard to heavy OS X use, much less added Windows use.

I'm not gonna lie. I don't follow rumors and everything as much as I should. It seems people keep saying to wait for the next generation of chips (Haswell, is it?) and that they should solve most of the issues at hand. In addition, this next generation should be implemented in the next refresh of apple computers.

So now we get to the point of this post.

I want you guys'/girls' input on whether or not I should go for the refresh. Do you think in my use case it's actually worth it? Do you know a better solution? Hell, you can tell me to suck it up; I can be convinced with good evidence. Feel free to point out your use case if you have experience with any of the retina models. Money IS a factor, but I can be flexible just a bit if I can justify the price. I know the 15 is better suited in the performance department, but it's also larger, heavier, and much more expensive. Still think it fits better? Please explain why.