Get CrashPlan+ Unlimited for 1 year for free! (BEST BACKUP SERVICE)


So after the awesome recent Macheist promo for $10, I found this SD promo going for CrashPlan+ Unlimited.



Well, CrashPlan+ Unlimited is a backup service for your macs/pcs etc.

This promo is for 1 year of unlimited backups.

I'll probably buy the subscription after the year finishes.

The Verge has reviewed this service here many times and they praise it a lot.

Even Josh praised it recently when it helped him restore to an earlier of an iOS app.

It's a bit different that, Dropbox, Google Drive, Skydrive, iCloud and other cloud service. It's mostly used like an online version of the Time Machine app in your mac for system backup/restore.

Hope it prove helpful to you guys here with macs and iOS devices.

Ok, here's how to get the promo deal: (It's for new US customers - or use Hotspot Shiled or another VPN services to gey US based ip addresses)

Just go here and type your email address and click the download button in the $0 box.

After that, you'll probably get an invoice with the serial number. Install the app, and setup your account.

Hopefully, it should then work perfectly fine! ;)