What is 'Off Topic' on the Verge these days?

I liked this site when it was a tech site. It had real focus and very good writing.

Today I look at the front page and its Boston Bomber, Gun Control, Sales Tax and film reviews. If I wanted politics and film reviews I will not come here.

Some of the articles are no more than mediocre at best, unnecessarily long and because of that, tedious to read. Whoever edits them just isn't strict enough. I'm cursing because I read an article which laboured a single point, went nowhere and was about 3000 words but I can't remember what it was on. Perhaps that shows just how tedious it was to read.

If I wanted politics or film reviews these things I will go to the Atlantic, the Guardian or the BBC websites. The quality is far higher.

Can I suggest returning to what this side did well, the writing and execution was near flawless when they were at Engadget and when it started here. Its quickly turning in Internet background noise.