Negatives to Digital, a journey back to the future!

So here's the story...

My family is undertaking the insane project of digitizing our photos from negatives mostly. I haven't counted but I am almost 100% sure that there are over a few thousand photos that will need to be converted. Yes, this is going to take a damn long time. Rest assured none of these amazing negatives are going to be trashed or destroyed we just want to convert them to a digital form so they can be stored and shared on our mobile devices and online. So what I want to get some advice on here is what negative converter I should buy. I should point out that this was all kickstarted by my dad buying a wolverine negative converter from costco which turned out to be terrible and after checking some prices for conversion services we really decided to just do it ourselves. So here's what we're trying to do...

  • Convert 35mm film negatives to digital form with minimal quality loss
  • Quality is more important than the fact that a scan may be slow, we're only doing this once
  • If possible get something that could convert print pictures to digital that don't have corresponding negatives
  • Work within a $250-300 dollar range for the converter

I'd really appreciate any advice from you guys. Thanks and if there's already a post on this I apologize!