Need help! How-to play Real Racing 3 on my TV using my PS3 controller



Hi guys, despite having my Nexus 4 for months now is it just now that I have some spare time to use it for more casual tasks, like gaming. So I tried some games over the weekend and got stuck with Real Racing 3. It's beautiful, has nice cars and is free up-front. But since the gaming experience is somewhat limited by the physical specification of the phone I was wondering if I could play that game on my TV using one of my PS3 controllers... I already did some research and found a ton of information. Since none of it seems to be a complete how-to and some of it sounds a little contradicting I thought you could maybe give me a more complete advise or even better, some sort of how-to. I am new to android, I am new to rooting, I am new OTG. So a step-by-step guide or at least some clarification on the basics would be great! Thanks in advance for your help! I hope there hasn't been a ton of posts like this already...