Demand of Expectation

Apple has truly killed their old market and is rushing to keep up with one that it created almost over night. With billions of dollars and hundreds of millions of customers waiting and expecting something different Apple is staggering to keep up with a new problem; demand of expectation.

(Below, some rambling may have occurred but I encourage you to read on)

The above article speaks of the off hand Apple rumor of delayed products-namely the iPhone 5S/ iPhone 6. I don't personally care if the news is true as Apple will never admit to a delay.

Apples strive for the perfect design comes at a cost, we saw this with the iPhone 4 and antenna-gate, took until the 4S to solve it. And manufacturing such elegance is hard, really hard. Rumors have also swirled that the latest version of OSX is delayed because resources are pulled to finish iOS 7. This affects the release of major products like updated MacBooks as well as desktops. Apple needs updated hardware running new software out of the box to drive adoption of a new OS.

So why can't does Apple really need to stress and put other projects in the corner to make such an insane design that top notch manufacturers can't even make it? Because Apple created the most popular thing on the planet and they didn't know what to do with it.

Hundreds of millions of iPhones sold. More than any other model of computer Apple has ever made. This creates a shift from Apple being a computer company to a consumer cell phone company. Yes the iPod was a huge hit as well but you needed that shiny Mac to compliment and be a hub for the iPod. So what happens to this old market, the one that expects the most powerful and most elegant hardware? Well they still exist, and they still keep on expecting.

Apple has several markets, not just consumer and professional, but they have the home and entertainment market as well. One company cannot handle all these things at once. Sony for instance has several subdivisions under its banner each focusing on different markets and product lines. These subdivisions don't meet, they don't trade product plans, hell I'd be surprised if they ever shared emails. This has been Apples claim to their success; they keep everything under one roof so it all works together. But now that room is trying to be held up by support beams being stretched thin.

College sorority girls expect their new iPhones and pro market graphic designers and editors demand a New Mac Pro. So far the iPhone market is winning and its causing another market to feel left out in the rain.

Companies like Sony almost has separate companies working under them to create all their products, its just the only way they could get it too work and as crappy as some of the products may be, their fans are getting the regular upgrades they want and expect while Apple is struggling to juggle its now many markets and it so far does not seem to be doing a very good job of keep ing everyone happy.