Lumia 920 or HTC One, which should I get?

Help me choose. I'm not a dolt, constructive advice/considerations please. If you feel compelled to leave comments such as "iPhone 5" or SGS4"...don't bother.

handset history for insight:

iPhone 3G, 4, 4S

Currently: Lumia 900

Never personally owned an Android phone but have used everything up to Honeycomb (tablets) but not since.

**Update:** So, on my way home from class today, I stopped into the AT&T store and checked out the HTC in person (as well as the 920, but I've played with it before). I've gotta say, the One looks pretty spectacular. I'm still really torn, they're both excellent phones. I would really miss Nokia's hardware camera button and exclusive apps, however I'm sure I can find well designed alternatives on Android. One thing that I noticed immediately comparing the 920, One and my (current) 900...though the 920's display is beautiful, the colors are much more washed out than on the 900 or the One. This was kinda disappointing as I felt it took away from the vibrant, liveliness of WP. Even at the lower resolution, the 900 seemed to "pop" more. Also, I did some tests in store and I must say, the camera on the 920 is damn impressive...really pretty amazing. The One's camera is also really good though and, in certain respects, I kind of appreciate it's warmer color reproduction. So basically, I'm still terribly torn, but I'm leaning towards the One I think. Another thing that annoys me is that Google stopped supporting Windows for it's services, so I would have to switch over to Google for my main calendar, which is slightly irritating. But, as it stands, the One may take the cake. I'm fairly certain Nokia will put out a new handset at the end of the year that will be insane and at that point the next WP version will be released and I can decide if I want to switch back.