I just read an interesting article on another site and got to thinking that in Android you really are spoiled for choice when it comes to a lot of things. If something doesn't work, there is usually either an alternative or some other way to make it work.

So basically what the article was about is the fact that iOS needs a new keyboard. Badly. I have used an iPhone on seldom occasions and if there was one thing I hated, apart from the tiny screen, was the keyboard. It just seemed the most slow and annoying thing anyone could design. I can't believe people actually like it. Typing a postcode or an address is horribly slow.

I've tried a lot of keyboards on Android. And I mean a lot. There is only one that looks more promising than the one I already use. It's this one and there are two things that are stopping me from getting it. Lack of dictionaries and the fact that I rarely, if ever type in landscape. The idea behind it is pretty damn cool though.

I've tried Messageease but besides the learning curve, it has very few extra features. It might be fast but it's also very basic.

Then there was SlideIT and it was great but then the trial ran out. When I had tried it also didn't have all the dictionaries I needed. It has some interesting features but nothing outstanding.

I've also tried SwiftKey, while it was in beta and Flow was just coming out but it was too buggy back then. That was basically the only thing holding it back, especially since it has something that very few other keyboards have. The ability to use several languages at once, without switching dictionaries.

The basic 4.2 keyboard works but that's about it. It's not the most accurate or fast and support for other languages besides English is a joke. It also looks butt-ugly.

So, after a lot of experiments I went back to Swype Beta. Which I think it's awesome. I'm a bit of a show-off with it and have gotten a few converts over time. It doesn't have everything it could, like multiple dictionaries, more gestures to help with punctuation and it still has a few annoying bugs but it also has some nice themes, great accuracy, "live" dictionary, personal dictionary that you can save and restore, keyboard shortcuts, like copy and paste. What I also don't like is that they don't have an official app that I can throw my money at. I feel a bit like a freeloader after using the beta all this time and having a great app without paying a cent.

What keyboard do you use? And what do you think it can improve on?