UGH!! - I'm out of a phone - HELP!

I'm not one to go crazy for leaving my phone at home or being with out it for a day. But AT&T Has suspended service on my GS3. Partially my fault. See, I am porting my number to T-Mo this week when this HTC One arrives at the door step. So knowing this already, and knowing that I would be cancel my ATT service I figured the last bill will just get tact on to the ETF. Well this morning to my surprise the phone is off. The bill is 4 or five days past due and it's sitting at $238. So I told ATT I would pay it in two weeks (Lies) and the rep said normally that would be ok but they had already suspended service so I needed to pay the amount in full now plus $40 for turning service back on.

Apparently I received one call for this bill and one email. I got the email never got the call or just did not recognized the number. So now my phone is sitting on Wi-fi and I can already imagine all the people that are going to be calling or texting through my time of my phone being off. Praying this ONE get's here before weeks end. I have a job, no one can contact me unless they have my house number. I'm pretty much screwed.

Can you even port the number from one carrier to another when service is suspended? HELP! That's my only real concern. I've never had this problem before. I left t-mobile a year and a half ago for Sprint. Let sprint after 3 weeks because their speeds and coverage sucks in Chicago....well south of it. Went to Verizon for the Galaxy Nexus for about 9 months, left and went to ATT for this Gs3 which I got in august and now back to Tmo for this ONE. Out of all the carriers Tmo was the best.

What do I do? Should I just wait it out for a few days?