Can we focus on Blue's changes that actually matter?

Everyone's caught up in the whole Blue start button and desktop stuff and some steps backward on the start screen and in apps (even I've made my feelings on this clear elsewhere), but there's a lot of interesting changes that matter a whole lot more than a 50px button.

How about the fact that there's a File Manager in WinRT now? Or that Snap View is completely opened up for all resolutions down to at the very least 1024x768 (nice for all those 1280x800 laptop displays that were really common for a while)? Or depending on your display resolution you can Snap up to 4 applications on screen (at least, that's how many are available on my 2560x1440 27" display)? And now when you're multitasking, you can decide which Snapped View you want to replace when a new app opens? The universal search functionality that also brings you into a dedicated search app if you need more than the first few suggestions? Or the biggest one of all, the fact that (according to the MyDigitalLife forums) there's a Miracast driver?

But hell, I guess the start button and desktop are way more important...