Windows 8, Windows Phone, and XBOX 360 Apps

Right now on the Windows Store, there is a special highlighted apps section for apps that work across the range of Microsoft platforms. I think when they say XBOX, they really just mean streaming content or a game that works across platforms, but I could be wrong.


One of the apps mentioned is Kindle, which uses Amazon tech to sync across devices. OneNote on the other hand uses Microsoft tech (SkyDrive) to sync across devices. Basically, their list of 26 apps uses different kinds of technology to do very different things.

Does anyone know if apps made for Windows Phone and Windows 8 can sync using built-in Microsoft technology? This would be a similar system to iCloud.

If not, I think that it would really be worth it for Microsoft to move forward on this level of integration for the next version of Windows. It would be especially useful if they ever plan to combine their platforms into a single product.