Windows 8 Start Button as a Pinnable Desktop App?



Is this "idea" of pinning Desktop Apps to the task-bar good for streamlining the Modern UI feel? The button will act as a stationary button on the taskbar and pressing it slides a menu in from the left, with a list of "All Programs, Recent, etc". It would work exactly the same as the previous menus, but it would have the Modern UI (or even WP8) animations.

I personally feel that Microsoft has the hotspot correct with the Modern UI, but Microsoft should cover all grounds. Let's face it, we really don't "need" a physical Start Button on the taskbar, but without it, it is bad design. And it is even more of a bad design since, we can't drag/use items we search for in the Start Screen, straight onto the desktop.

With pinned Desktop Apps, Microsoft may be able to please both sides, while including something better. I think it's best if the Start Button was an optional feature, but enabled on default.