I'm a Believer

I am now a believer - a believer in Android.

I’ve hated Android since my dad got the Samsung Captivate (or Galaxy S). I hated the look, the stuttery nature of the operating system, and the overall lack of refinement within the OS.

Then I put CyanogenMod on my Nook. I was pretty impressed, but that was stock Android, and it wasn’t that smooth (that's the hardware's fault).

For some background, I use the HTC Titan with Windows Phone for my daily driver. Actually, almost the entire household runs on Windows Phone 7, with my father owning the 920. I’ve generally thought of iOS as being pretty stale, but that applies to Windows Phone in some cases even though I much prefer the UI design philosophy. Due to their lack of support and good software, I had recently resigned myself to never purchasing another HTC phone.

This weekend, I went to our local AT&T store to get my hands on the HTC One, the first Android phone that really stuck out to me for being well-designed and truly of a high quality. I was interested, since I loathe the plastic-y Samsung phones and even more so TouchWiz.

I hate TouchWiz. A lot.

My feelings for Sense haven’t been that great either, that is, until the One came out. The only version of Android I’d liked up to that point was stock, but I’ve found myself really liking the look of the new Sense. It looked good, consistent, and pretty clean, something I’ve never felt towards TouchWiz.

I digress.

I picked up the phone, which looked even more stunning in person than it did in photos, and was very, very impressed with the quality. I love the look of the iPhone 5, but I think I like this better: the curves, the front speaker grills, the bevel… It’s gorgeous! I was most excited for the screen, having never laid eyes on a 1080p smartphone display; unsurprisingly, I was blown away at the sheer beauty of it. It was ridiculously clear and beautifully saturated… I’ve always been able to see the pixels on Apple's Retina displays if I focused intently, but this was astoundingly sharp and clear. The camera, even in my few minutes of using it, impressed me greatly.

Dang. It’s fast.

This is the fastest Android device I have used, and the most buttery-smooth by far. I’m sure it’s pretty similar on the Nexus 4, but for a phone with Sense on it, I was incredibly surprised. It’s fast, crystal clear… I could go on.

Anyway, I walked away convinced, for the first time, that my next phone would be an Android device. Now I wait for my contract to end. In November.

So, for those who own the One, how do you feel about it?

For me, it’s the first Android smartphone I’ve ever used that’s not only powerful, but beautiful (subjective, I know), and I could see myself using it. Sense is both attractive and useful.

I want it.