Is anyone using Flipboard Magazines? It's awesome!

So I've had Flipboard installed on my iPhone and iPad for forever but never really used it much. When Flipboard Magazines were announced a few ago I figured I'd give it a shot. It's totally changed the way I consume my daily news/social network consumption.

Since I have my own tech blog (shameless plug) I read a ton a news everyday, primarily tech and science based. By reading so much stuff on a daily basis I decided to start my own Magazine based on the best stuff I read during the day.

Everyday Reader

It's totally changed the way I consume news and information. I have my Twitter feed, G+, Instagram and Facebook and flowing through Flipboard and I'm able to get a good look at everything all at once without missing much....I love it.

Please share any cool Magazine's you've run across as I'm always looking for great content curators. (I may have a slight information addiction)