I wish Apple would remove all the freemium junk in the store.

I recently decided to take a peek around the App store looking for new games. I haven't purchased any in months and was looking to see what kind of games I could buy up in bulk at around 3 bucks a piece on sale. I was absolutely shocked that pretty much every game in the store now is "free". Im personally not against companies trying to make additional money after the sale for like extra levels or characters and such like you see on gaming consoles but I do like the idea that when I buy a 3 - 7 dollar game. It is mine, I own it! Even if I never play it or play it for a few minutes and move on never touching it again. When I see these freemium games it feels like the entire feeling of discovery has been cheapened. I mentioned buying games on sale, I do especially when Gameloft puts theirs on sale, I was buying every one. Gameloft was certainly making their money off of the sale since the vast majority of those games I am not interested in. I bought them just to have them. I have purchased games that are upwards of 15 dollars such as Soul Calibur as well.

Does anyone else feel the same recently?