Small, Dumb Windows 8 Tips

Hey, here's a thread for simple, helpful, and head-slappingly obvious (to you), Windows 8 tips.

Here's three:

  • Try moving your mouse into the left corner, to show the start screen hot corner. Now that it's visible, try right-clicking on it. You'll see a bunch of helpful administrative tool shortcuts.
  • The Winkey can be incredibly useful. Here's three shortcuts that I think are pretty useful: Winkey+Tab opens up the app switcher (kind of like Alt+Tab, right?), Winkey+PrintScreen automatically dumps a .png of your screen into your Pictures folder (no more using Paint! Use Snip if you're using a keyboard without a PrintScreen button), Winkey+I opens up the settings menu (, and Winkey+T switches you directly to the desktop.
  • If you want to quickly write equations for school (or work, etc.) then use the Maths Input Tool. It works well, though I'd recommend it specifically to people who have devices with an active digitiser and a stylus, unless you like drawing with a mouse.
What are your tips?