Surface 2?

So I'm about to end my Senior year of high school and I'll be headed off to college this fall. I'm promised $2,000 for a computer(s) if I maintain all A's by the end of the year(which I'm not too worried about).

My current plan was to use $1,000 to get a Surface pro, and the other $1,000 to build/buy a desktop. However, what I'm wondering is, since the original Surface was announced in Summer 2012, will the Surface 2 be announced in Summer this year? And if so, will it take all the way until January to get available again? I can't really afford to wait until halfway through my first year of college to get a laptop or tablet, but I don't really want to be stuck with last year's hardware as soon as I get it, especially since the chip in the new Surface will supposedly drastically increase battery life.

Thoughts? Opinions? Suggestions?

Heck if you have any ideas about building/buying a desktop I'd be happy to hear those too. Thanks!