The Future of The Desktop

I have been thinking what is to become of the desktop in the near future. I can sum it up simply with the word monitors. That's it really. Take something like a Surface Pro, which right now can be hooked up to a large monitor, connect a mouse and a Bluetooth keyboard and you got a desktop, (a decently powered one too). If wireless projection technologies get better then you don't need cables at all.

The tablet will be able to replace both your laptop and desktop. Even right now in most offices and homes the infrastructure is there. You have a monitor, all you need is a cable or adapter and your set. I might actually do this next year at work. Replace all my desktops, except for those who need a high performance machine, with something like the Surface Pro, and dongle or two.

The only thing I fear is someone damaging it. I also don't think this current generation of tablets can last up to six years in use like a desktop could. But with these tradeoff you get a truly mobile worker.