Fixing my battery problem

I bought a new mid-range Xperia in Jan. After it got updated to JB, I was quite happy with the battery life.

Then, all of a sudden last week, the battery started to drain unusually fast, like 100-10% in 8 hours of light use. Looking at the usage, I found one mediaserver process drinking 70% of the juice.

I started looking for solutions in forums, where people gave all sorts of advice- uninstalling Facebook, Nova launcher, removing widgets, reducing the number of homescreens, formatting the SD card etc. Nothing worked.

Then something stuck- unmounting the SD card from settings. Apparently, the mediaserver process keeps looking for new media all the time. This is surprising, as I have very few locally stored songs, which I almost never listen to.

Currently I am at 35% after fully charging 3 days ago, with light use- 10-15 mnts of phone calls daily, wifi on, and a little bit of gaming and whatsapp.

I hope this helps someone else with a similar problem.

P.S. Please Google, fix this. It seems like a lot of people are affected.