Downsizing from a Rebel T3i / EOS 600D, but which one?

It's now roughly a year after I bought my Canon Rebel T3i (or EOS 600D as it's called in Europe, where I live). Although I'm extremely happy with the image quality in general and the availability of lenses, I do notice that I often find myself in a situation where the dSLR jut isn't practical, at all. Quite frankly I've relied on either my iPhone 4S or my Panasonic compact camera in situations where a dSLR just isn't fun to carry around.

Therefore I've decided to sell it, including it's 50mm f1.8 lens I bought in the meantime. That means I'm looking for a replacement in the likes of a MILC/EVIL camera. Thing is that the perfect camera just doesn't exist and therefor even the Canon Powershot G1 X is on my list as possible alternative. Only reason I might not choose it, is the limited zoom range and the inability to change lenses.

So I'm looking for an camera that's coming close to the image quality of a T3i and a small body, so not any dSLR-like body at all. Besides that I don't necesarily need a PASM wheel, as long as it's available in the (touchscreen) menu. Since the size of lenses with a long zoom range such as the 70-200mm ones is large, even on NEX camera's, I'm thinking more of a m4/3 system, partly also because of the amount of third party lenses available for this format.

I do know that this means stepping away from the APS-C size sensor I've grown accustomed to, but I'm not planning on printing huge posters anyway. Nikon's 1 system has also grabbed my attention, because of several reasons, one being a very attractive package with 10-30mm and 30-110mm double zoom kit for just over €400.

One reason I didn't mention about the T3i that's a let down, is it's video functionality. Yes, it does 1080p with a fantastic quality, but the autofocus is extremely slow and noisy, it just doesn't work except for manually focussed semi-static shots. One of the things I'm looking for is therefore a proper video autofocus and 1080p quality, preferably with as high a framerate as possible. If there are cameras with 720p and an even higher framerate, that would be fantastic, but I don't there are.

RAW is one of the primary features I would like to keep by the way and I would also like to know what people think of the touch focus feature on some of the Panasonic (and other brands?) cameras? I love this on my iPhone and could be a fast and useful way of focussing on a MILC camera as well, as long as it's implemented right.

So what are my options?