Nexus 4 woes :(

Hey guys, While I read these forums almost daily I’ve only ever had one or two posts here around the time I got my nexus 4 delivered so be aware I’m still very new when it comes to posting!

When I first got it in November I noticed the battery drop faster than it should. This was a continuing trend but it was always sufficient to get me through the day. So while I know I kinda shot myself in the foot it wasn’t that much of a problem. However, in the last month or two the battery seems to have taken a turn for the worse. While I never do anything really taxing on my phone my usage contains primarily Facebook and texting. VERY rarely will I play a game and especially while I’m not at work. I would say the most taxing thing I do is watch YouTube videos but even then it’s very rare.

Anyway, at the moment I'm only getting around one and a half maybe two hours screen on time if I’m lucky. This is rather concerning when others running complete stock are getting three or more hours of screen on time. I’ve also gotten two of my friends who are signed into things such as snap chat, twitter, Facebook and more constantly yet they are still getting better screen on times. My phone is signed into just Facebook and has chrome tabs syncing. I’ve also checked battery stats and while I can’t get a screenshot due to being off work this week (while I'm home I rarely touch my phone except from an odd text) and there are no mediaserver bugs occurring. The two biggest battery hogs is screen at around 50-60% and the Facebook app which sits between 5-10%.

If this wasn’t enough there will be periods where I'm browsing websites using chrome and the battery will literally drop 10%+ within minutes. From what I can remember my record battery drop was 23% in an 11 minute chrome browsing session. This wasn’t even visiting intensive websites. Just mobile sites such as the verge, Pocketnow etc.

While at a stretch I can –kind of- live with the above, recently I've come across another problem. I tend to charge my phone overnight so that I have a full battery the next morning. However its becoming increasingly common to have my phone put on charge at, say, 55% and wake up to it only on 75% yet it being 6/7/8 hours later. Only once I unplug the charger and plug it back in will it start to charge back up to 100%

So basically I've looked around the internet about other people getting replacements and apparently Google send you a new one and put £240/£280 on hold from your account until you send the broken one back? Well since I've now been paid and have the money in my account I was thinking with the above problems do you think I would be in with a chance to get a replacement phone which may actually work as well as my friends?

Apologies for the long post and I hope that it is legible for you all to read. Any advice/comments would be appreciated!

P.S. I have no interest into rooting my phone or anything. :P