Looking for a place to store my photos

I figured there would be no better place to ask this, I'm looking for the best place to store my photos and I'm looking for suggestions as to where to do it. I know of flickr and 500px and a few others here and there but I don't know all of them to help me make a decision.

Basically I have about 15gb of photos and have them stored in too many different locations across hard drives and cloud storage, I'm going to take the time to sort them all. I'd like to be able to have some form of folder structure available, be that sets and collections or whatever the service calls them. I have multiple sub folder situations as I store by year then location then a descriptive folder of some sort. I'd also like to be able to download my photos at a high resolution and preferably download entire folders at a time. I have too many photos to go one at a time.

I have no issue with paying a yearly fee as long as it's a service that matches my needs. What do you guys think?