The HTC Windows Phone 8X is not a reliable device

So I've owned an HTC 8X since January and I love the device! It's the best gadget I've owned, probably! I love ALMOST everything about it! But here's the thing; it's been in for repair 2 times. The first time because of the SIM-card error and the other because of the camera not working at all. But now I've had it! Today I dropped it on the floor, and It's completely broken! Not like cracked, but the power button got completely SMASHED. What does that mean? It's now in an endless power off/power on cycle without me having the ability to use it or even stop the cycle. Why? Because now the power button is always pressed because of it getting smashed. Now I'll have to swap it again(!), but unfortunately the warrany won't cover this time... It's such a shame that this so awesome phone has these problems. HTC isn't really reliable in making great hardwere yet, which is a shame!