How do you listen to music?

Question: If your computer is turned off, how do you listen to audible music at your house?

Currently, I have my Zune 30 docked and hooked up directly to a set speakers, but for reasons that are outside the scope of this post, I will probably be getting rid of my Zune (It'll be a sad day.). That being said, I'm looking for recommendations on what I should do next.

I watch very few tv shows or movies (and don't even own a television), so possible solutions do not need to include a visual component. Also, I would prefer to not rely on streaming services, although I'm not totally opposed to the idea.

Side note: I know there's a lot of hate on the Verge for actually managing your own music files. However, I've always lived in the middle of nowhere without a good enough internet connection to fully rely on streaming services, so I have a copy of all the music that I care about on my computer.