EA ruins Sim City 5 even more with patch 2.0; No bigger cities planned

Sim City 5 was flawed from the very beginning. Horrible launch, bugs, corrupt save data (and sicne its stored online, nothing you can do about it), broken simulation. So EA promised to fix things, anounced the "big patch" and called it 2.0. Servers were offline for 6 hours and after they came back online, the game was even a bigger mess. Not only did they not fix stuff that has been marked as fixed in the changelogs (e.g. phantom polution, firetrucks, bus clumping), but the patch actually made it worse. Now, random pockets of air pollution are 10x as strong, even making tiny towns unplayable. Fire truck dispatching has been changed but instead of making it better, they broke it. Cities just burn to ground. Well, this is the bast case scenario. Most people can't even load their cities.

Also, people were asking for bigger city sizes.

They actually replied with:

"We give you pretty heavy 'for your machine' tuning options, especially for graphics, but we're not going to make a different gameplay experience or make it so your friend with a lower end computer can't visit your city." basically saying that they won't make bigger cities."

Quote from here: http://www.reddit.com/r/SimCity/comments/1cwkid/update_20_is_live/

search for the term "hl2", was posted by ryani, a maxis dev.

As a long term fan of the series, i just had to post an open letter. Read it here:



- patch 2.0 caused way more problems

- an almost unplayable game became completly unplayable

- there won't be bigger cities, on of the main complains of the fans

- open letter: http://www.reddit.com/r/SimCity/comments/1cx896/open_letter_to_maxis_devs_thanks_for_trying_not/