SMS Tablet App

**My standard caveat: I did a search but didn't see anything immediately obvious addressing this topic, at least not recently. If I'm wrong, link and flame away!

So I know that certain solutions already exist, like this one on Verizon. Up here in Canada, Rogers offers a similar service called Rogers One. However, I've found it to be immensely cumbersome, especially as regard notifications. Does anyone have any recommendation for an alternate service/app family that allows SMS to be accessed through one's tablet? Most of the ones that I've seen so far tend to be Android focused, but I should mention that I use both Android and WP8, so any cross-platform solutions that anyone's aware of would be great! Also I'm a Windows user, so systems that somehow rely on OSX wouldn't help me, although I encourage people to post them anyway for everyone else's reference.

As a total aside, if the new Android Facebook Messenger app, which is just born for use on tablets, could do this, there's a risk I might fly to Cali and try to do uncomfortable but well-intentioned things to Zuckerberg.