UPDATE 2 - Realistic wish list for the next major WP update

UPDATE 2: It's time to update this list again!

UPDATE: We heard some new stuff after 925's announcement about GDR2 update. I will update this list from time to time with CONFIRMED and RUMORED marks so we can see how far are we from our goal.

GDR2 - Expected in July
Lumia Black - Expected Q1 2014
WP8.1 - Expected H1 2014

I'm going to list a few things that IMO should be in the next major update for Windows Phone.

  1. [ ✔ ] Custom Sounds - this one is big for me. It surely isn't a difficult thing to implement. I want to be able to choose custom sounds individually for Text messages, E-mails, Voicemails and for the default Notification sound. In addition it would be great if the third party apps could use their own sounds. For example now if i get Skype, WhatsApp or Viber message it sounds all the same - it's the sound of the default Notification. I would like to hear a Skype sound for a new Skype message and/or to be able to change third party sounds so i can differentiate them more easily.
    *** CONFIRMED *** (GDR3)
  2. Ability to choose black or white text colour for the Lock screen - this is really no brainer. It is maybe the least difficult thing to implement. I can't use light backgrounds because then i can't see the time or the app notifications. It would be great if we could choose black or white colour. A neat option would be automatic configuration of text colour depending on chosen background picture (set by user or application).
  3. Option to automatically load pictures in e-mails from a specific contact (in Mail app) - this is too an easy task for a programers to implement. Maybe it's just me but i hate clicking every single time on a picture in a e-mail so i can see it properly. Yes, i am sure i want to see pictures that my family and friends send to me. Yes, every single time. Remember it. :)
  4. Ability to create a new album(folder) in Pictures app - name says it all, but let's make it a little bit more complex. It would be great if there is an option to save captured photos in a custom album. For example: i'm on a vacation and i just made an album "Summer in Greece". For the next 10 days i would like to see every captured photo saved in that album. When i come back home i would change "default camera album" to Camera roll or whatever i want. Now, what are the additional advantages of this approach? Ability to share the whole album. Share on FB for example would make a new album and upload all/selected photos. There wouldn't be just a bunch of photos in Mobile uploads album. Share to SkyDrive would too share a whole album in a folder. SkyDrive could ask you for a path where you want to save that folder. For example in Pictures/2013.
  5. Folders - this could be useful for people who install many apps or just like to organise things in their own way. In the app list folder would be presented just like an ordinary app. Tapping on it would swipe the screen to the right (just like you swipe from tiles to apps) showing the content of the folder (virtually presented the same as in the app list - same list design). Simple swipe to the left or 'back' would bring you back to the default app list. Pinned folder would be presented like People or Group tile (people would be apps in this case) so that a tile could be 'live'. Tile counter would be a summation of notifications of all apps inside that folder. That's just a simple idea of the whole folder implementation, i'm sure guys from MS would make it better.
  6. [ ✔ ] Data Sense available for every single Windows Phone - locked or unlocked. This feature shouldn't be exclusive to any carrier.
    *** CONFIRMED *** (GDR2)
  7. Faster app loading and app resuming - this is maybe one of the most difficult parts. I'm sure they have to optimize a lot of things to get this done. One more thing: fast app resuming should be set as default for all developers, not an option.
  8. Notification center - last but not least. I saw many ideas on this topic and it helped me understand that there is only one way to do this proper - swipe from top to bottom to reveal the Notification center. Every other implementation would be too complex. For example Tile as a NC, swipe to left from tile view, multitasking view then swipe to right.. How many steps need those solutions? In some cases many. NC should be always one step away. Yes, other OSes use this solution too. Just admit it, it's the best one. I'm not going to say how it should look like or what it should have included except notifications (like shortcuts for WiFi, flight mode, etc.). I'll leave that to MS. I really think this is the only major disadvantage of this operating system and that it needs to be implemented.
    *** RUMORED *** (WP8.1)

EDIT: The list goes on:

  1. [ ✔ ] Orientation lock - i hate the absence of this especially when i wake up and i'm still in my bed.
    *** CONFIRMED *** (GDR3)

  2. VPN
  3. [ ✔ ] Call Blocker
    *** CONFIRMED *** (Nokia call+SMS filter)

  4. Speed dial
  5. Ability to tag friends while checking in from Me Hub
  6. Skype IM in Messaging app
  7. Ability to choose different status for different IMs - for example Busy on Skype and Online on FB. Busy status should silence incoming messages
  8. Group chat in Messaging app
  9. Picture unlock
  10. [ ✔ ] Ability to close apps in multitasking view
    *** CONFIRMED *** (GDR3)
  11. Ability to close app from the app itself
    *** RUMORED *** (WP8.1)

  12. Separate volume controls for ringer and music/apps
  13. Faster lens launching
  14. [ ✔ ] Ability to launch a lens with a camera button
    *** CONFIRMED *** (GDR2)
  15. Ability to allow NFC tag to change phone settings/run an app without dialogs - enable once per tag for security
  16. Do not disturb mode
  17. Switch tiles for WiFi, 3G, Bluetooth etc. - not a link to the settings, just a switch
  18. Fix missing audio codec for voice mail

  19. Support notification lights - perhaps using Windows button
  20. Bluetooth HID profile
  21. IE11 synchronization - tab and password manager sync across the platform WP Win Xbox
  22. IE11 improved navigation - back and forward
  23. IE11 full-screen mode in landscape view
  24. [ ✔ ] FM Radio
    *** CONFIRMED ***(GDR2)
  25. All Bing features world wide - i really don't understand current approach because i have to change my region setting to be able to use all features
  26. TellMe improvement - similar to Google Now or Siri
    *** RUMORED *** (Cortana - WP8.1)

  27. Bring On-x -
  28. RDP Client
  29. Improved social networks integration - ability to send and receive FB offline inbox messages in Messaging app, ability to see likes etc.
  30. Improved Camera app - i think it needs much better design and a lot of features that are currently missing (timer, more settings, HDR, face recognition, etc.)
    *** PARTIALLY CONFIRMED *** (Nokia Camera App)

  31. Improved Music+Video app - ability to add a song to the existing playlist, seek bar, etc.
  32. Video out support (mini HDMI)
  33. Unified contact fields between all platforms
  34. Notifications synchronization between all devices
  35. WiFi proxy authentication support
  36. Animated GIFs in Mail, Messaging and Picture apps
  37. Calendar search - find events by subject, location or notes
  38. Ability to download and email PDFs
  39. PDF Viewer improvement - especially in performance
  40. System settings redesign - currently there is no order, there are 35 items in a list positioned without any logic
  41. Windows phone PC app more like Zune - especially regarding features

Please let me know what you think and of course be free to help me with your ideas and solutions for annoyances so we can improve this list. :)