Cook's Apple

When Cook states there's great products in the pipeline, I'm wondering if he's only saying that because Jobs did. This might be undermining his judgement, but when Jobs said it, it was from someone with the highest standards imaginable. When someone has repeatedly changed an industry's direction, he doesn't use that phrase lightly. Jobs said this because he was excited about what he had to show us. I think Cook's saying it to appease the investors.

What have we learned from Cook's product opinions? The iPad mini's screen quality is questionable. The iPod nano was a step back. The iPhone 5 was in development before Cook took the reigns. He really likes the Apple TV. I find it odd he uses the iPad screen to type all his emails. It's possible to do this in a pinch but very frustrating full-time.

Under Jobs' tenure, the investors were simply an obstacle in his mission to change the world. The investors getting a return was a bye-product. I think Jobs' was interested in high profit margins out of pride more than a concern for their investment. He had great returns just to show everyone else how easy it is compared to the challenge of changing the world.

On the other hand, I think Cook's focused solely on the investors. I think he measures himself off how much of a return he delivers vs. Jobs' quest to shine brighter in computer lore than Hewlett Packard. Jobs' had to create amazing products. Jobs wanted love; Cook wants respect.

The expectations Jobs' set, I think, are over. They'll come out with good products, but it'll be more like every other company.

The magic we love from Apple, however, I think will come from the legacy Jobs left in the minds of entrepreneurs. He shined so brightly creating a craving for those looking for only a fraction of his glow.