Samsung Galaxy S4

Just finished reading the Galaxy S4 review, my thoughts about the fanbois:

"The design sucks."

"It's ugly."

"Too many gimmicks."

"It's plastic!"

"Who needs a removable battery?"

Let me preface to say that I am very satisfied Note 2 user. I've owned an iPhone 5, Galaxy Nexus, Windows Phone, Droids, etc.

I love having a a plastic case with a removable battery. I chuckle at everyone who will disrupt their day to charge their phone now. I bought a couple spare batteries for $25. I never worry about a charge, EVER. The Note 2 is phenomenal with battery stamina, anyways. Just being able to replace a battery in less than a minute is invaluable to me now as a security blanket when traveling. I don't want an enclosed phone that forces me to live by their battery standards. Worrying about a charge is one less thing I want on my mind when it comes dinner time.

Gimmicks: to be fair, all cell phone manufacturers market gimmicks in their presentation, including the all-mighty Apple.

About the design, who notices the design once you protect it with a plastic case? Especially 95% of the population that practice safe texting? It's all about the screen and usability at that point.

Thanks for chiming in.