You Samsung fans just astound me.

The Galaxy S4 review is out and the main takeaway from the review (and even other sources such as engadget's or gizmodo) is that the HTC one is the superior device primarily because of its design and feel. BUT, if you you care about an sd slot or a removable battery, the s4 is the way to go. Fair enough, that's a reasonable point.

But my main point of annoyance is this: All throughout the comment section, I've seen the s4 supporters say that the design and feel is pointless because people put cases on it and so it doesn't matter. This argument is ridiculously absurd. It's like saying you shouldn't take care of your body because you wear clothes. Or perhaps you shouldn't wash your hair because you wear a hat. This is ridiculous. Use a case fine. But don't lambast a company and don't try to take away a significant weakness away from it.

I wouldn't be surprised if in the future you samsung fanboys just wanted a phone with a screen with no body at all. Who cares right you're going to be covering it with a case? Grow up and accept that, all its other strengths aside (asuch as the durability of plastic), the feel of the phone does matter. And I would rather vote goes towards a company that cares about its consumers as to give them a classy device. Not slimy materials just for the sake of decreasing cost margins and increasing profits.