Lightflow (LED) has changed my hardware expectations for my next phone

I love multicolor LEDs (such as the one found on the Nexus 4). I love the power of Lightflow to control how this LED works. Allow me to quickly explain.

I have different colors and "flash rates" for different apps. Texts from my girlfriend are a solid purple color which takes priority over my other notifications. SMS is a solid orange. MMS is a fast-blink orange. Facebook Messenger is a solid light blue, and Facebook is blinking light blue. And on and on it goes.

The idea of LEDs isn't new, but the use of multicolor, user controllable/customizable LEDs is still fairly rare in phones. For example, the HTC One has an LED, but it only glows in 3 different colors and Lightflow can't really take advantage of it.

I can easily look down at my phone and see what notification(s) I have waiting for me. I can pull my phone out of my pocket and peek at the bottom and see if I have any sort of a notification waiting for me without having to turn on my screen at all. It's amazing. It's convenient. It's powerful.

At this point, I don't want another phone that doesn't have an LED like on my Nexus 4. In fact, I want the LED to be bigger and bolder so I can see it even more clearly when it's out of reach (such as when it's across the room).

What are your thoughts?