What are you watching? (...and what are you watching it on?)

Just a simple question. what are you currently watching on tv, Netflix, Hulu, etc?

I'm a cordcutter, so everything my gf and I watch are on Netflix and/or Hulu Plus and Google Play (The Walking Dead).

Since finals are around the corner, I haven't watched a lot of TV recently, but when I have the time, these are the shows that i'm watching.

- Justice league (Netflix)

- That '70's Show (Netflix) (Probably my 3rd time through)

- 30 Rock (Netflix) (Well, my gf is watching it and I catch an episode or 2 with her when I can)

I use a PS3 in the living Room and a Roku 2 in the bedroom. iPad for everywhere else.

So, what are you watching?